Since 1986, I have served at Matlock as mentor, advisor, managing partner and now president. I believed then and I believe now that, as we succeed we set a standard of service driven by strategy, discipline and creativity. Today, as our society is undergoing a great transformation, so are advertising and public relations. At Matlock, we have re-engineered our agency to lead the conversation as an authentic multicultural authority for our clients, within our industry and with the exceptionally talented people in our company who contribute their comparative advantages to our collective best.



At Matlock's headquarters, our role is to maintain the standards, methods and philosophy of principled entrepreneurs and the practice of Market-Based Management® (MBM) in our work as a strategic communications and marketing services partner. We have retooled staff, methods, standards and systems to better demonstrate our comparative advantages, serve our clients and reflect our customer-intimate philosophy. We embrace a spirit of entrepreneurship and serve our clients with authentic authority. The last 10 years have proven the value of our belief in principles before compromise and that authenticity matters. Our aim is to better anticipate, assist and contribute our comparative advantages. That begins in our Planning Group, as we redefine authentic intent and behavior for transparency in action. As we move forward, we bring our Brand, Reputation and Creative Groups together as one to leverage their skills in a balanced manner. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our skills and capabilities as your Brands and Reputations intersect with Culture, Community and Commerce in the new disruptive society.



In the course of normal business, our Planning Group leverages metrics, methods, markets, matters and moments in the service of our clients, who include Publix Super Markets, Georgia-Pacific, Johns Hopkins Medicine, 100 Black Men of America, Inc., Youth Entrepreneurs® Foundation and Macy's. The Planning Group uses data analysis and research to uncover actionable insights and enhanced knowledge. These insights lead to work that is built on a strategic foundation that produces relevance and creates desired outcomes through metrics, after-action reports and KPIs. The Planning Group also plays a key role with igniting innovation, disruption and creation, providing our comparative advantage developing and marketing new products and platforms.


We enjoy relationships with brands and clients that span decades. In the Brand Group, we live the practice of Team Fusion to create a "One-Voice Philosophy," reflecting how Matlock and our clients live our values and operate with authentic intent and transparency. We only seek brands that intentionally live their values in the marketplace and allow us to contribute ours with intelligence, integrity and uncommon instincts as an authentic authority.



The Reputation Group provides our corporate, non-profit and institutional clients with services that best leverage our comparative advantages and authenticity with issues that matter and instincts that make a real difference. Our relationships are built on a foundation of trust, which enables us to work as an intellectually honest partner to create initiatives that drive impact through cause, citizenship and community. We are committed to producing meaningful outcomes and achieve results that matter.

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Whether having an impromptu creative review with the CEO of a $30 billion corporation or presenting a marketing campaign to the heir of a civil rights icon, the Creative Group is as the heart of Team Fusion. We leverage our creative energies and comparative advantages to accelerate innovation. We enjoy relationships with an exceptional roster of established clients who trust and value our contributions. We bring our collective best to every assignment, and the end result is a unique and transforming experience for our clients and our industry.


In 1993, we opened the Manhattan office with Ed Rutland leading our partnership with MSL Public Relations and D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles as advertising partners. Today, Ed heads the agency as our president and leads our New York office, bringing our comparative advantages, portfolio of services, and our standards, methods and philosophy to the Big Apple, Northeast region and Eastern seaboard as thinkers & doers.


Our finance group ensures that we function as principled entrepreneurs and each group operates in our comparative advantage based on the practice of Market-Based Management® (MBM). We are driven by our integrity, intelligence and instincts, and through our system of checks and balances, we uphold the highest possible ethics and standards and track the metrics of our outcomes. Our system is designed to ensure discipline in our performance and integrity in our industry, our community and most important, our society. In recent years, we have re-engineered to best serve our clients as thinkers & doers, always maintaining principles before compromise and conducting both client and company business with the highest professional standards.



So many people have inspired me, influenced our business and challenged us by their example that the only way I can think to repay them is by paying it forward. Their presence in my life caused me to strive to become a meaningful example of a principled entrepreneur and embrace a life of service to clients and society. If we are given an opportunity to be of service, it is my promise that we will bring our very best as thinkers & doers.