Matlock Advertising & Public Relations and Luster's It's An Everyday Thing™ on the Scene with Rolling Out

Atlanta, GA, July 10, 2008 – Rolling Out was on the set for the filming of Luster’s new Pink® Lotion ad campaign ‘It’s An Everyday Thing’.

The normally quiet Glenwood community was abuzz as television crew members scurried about to add the final touches to their carefully constructed commercial sets.  Though the process was sure to run long into the night, the energy on the scene was at peak level, as the cast and crew began to grasp the importance of the undertaking.  Luster's Pink Lotion would mark its 41st birthday by exploding onto the airwaves with an all-important new look, feel and formula.  Recognizing the opportunity to be a part of industry history, all of the players involved embraced the moment and jumped at the prospect of making a personal contribution.

The Major Players

There were many valuable contributors to the creative process, but rolling out caught up with three of the major players who directed the implementation of the new Luster's Pink Lotion Campaign.

Bryan Barber Director

"When I was asked to be a part of Luster's Pink campaign, I was intrigued by the creative concept, and looked forward  to adding my unique perspective to the project.  The concept follows this lovely lady throughout her day.  When she puts Luster's Pink hair care product in her hair, she takes a stroll and just lights up the neighborhood.  with this new commercial, we just wanted to shed a new light on a product that has been a staple within the African American community for years now.  So with this, we've captured that essence in a cool but realistic way."

Marcia Sewell Senior Education and Brand Manager, Luster Products "We're excited to be celebrating 41 years of Pink lotion as we continue doing business [with] African American consumers.  the lotion has a brand-new and improved formula, and a brand-new story to tell.  As a company, we have a lot of passion about this product.  as I turned the corner to see the commercial set, I saw "Luster's Pink Lotion: It's An Everyday Thing," which is out new campaign slogan, the tears just bubbled up for us all, because we care so much about this product and this campaign."

Quincy Cherry Creative Director, Matlock Advertising & Public Relations

"Luster has been in the hair care industry for years now.  And with this brand, Pink, you are talking about almost 41 years in existence.  So we're re-energizing that brand with an all-new television campaign to bring it back to those that have been familiar with the brand for some time now, as well as introduce it to those who have yet to be exposed to it.  I'm very excited about this wonderful product, and this fresh, exciting campaign."