Matlock Advertising and Public Relations Annual Christmas Party

Tis the season to be jolly as employees decked AMF 300’s bowling alleys with festive cheer. A delicious array of food was the meal of champions as employees decided early on who would be their competition. Competition was at a high as 3 bowling lanes of Brand, Reputation and Creative teams intermingled. Employees sought the prize of bragging rights as MAPR’s star bowler.  Encouragement and even side line distractions were all in good fun as seasoned and amateur bowlers played.  In between turns employees danced, sang and laughed. And in the midst of all the fun Matlock’s Creative Director, Quincy Cherry, reigned supreme as the highest scorer of the night. All enjoyed the uncommon twist on a traditional holiday event as competitors returned to co-workers merry and full of cheer.

A Merry Christmas, indeed.