ATLANTA (October 14 & 15, 2010) — Matlock’s new print campaign for Publix, “Family Gatherings,” was shot recently in Atlanta, Georgia with nationally recognized photographer Scott Lowden. Matlock selected Lowden to capture the energy and tradition of family gatherings as well as promote the high quality food and service available at Publix. The new campaign features “gatherings” centered around Tailgating, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each ad brings to life the feeling of being in the company of loved ones, enjoying the great food that brings people together, and experiencing the pride family and friends feel when they bring out their best dishes. In addition to three print ads, the “Family Gatherings” campaign features radio spots, as well as pamphlets with menu and recipe ideas that in help with event planning.

“When friends and family come together to share food and fellowship on these occasions, it’s a big deal,” says Matlock Creative Director Kelley Cole Graham. “The campaign’s goal is for consumers to feel that Publix is synonymous with these special family gatherings.”

Matlock also assisted in the “Food and Entertaining,” section on the website that makes it easy for families to plan events and special occasions such as Family Reunions.