Matlock Partners with Genesis to Re-brand the Homeless Shelter’s – From One Mom to Another Campaign

Atlanta, GA; October 28, 2011-As winter approaches many Atlantans with newborn babies are scrambling to find a safe place to sleep for their families. Beds in shelters are limited and often times, when there is space, the shelters are gender exclusive causing fragile yet in-tact families to become disconnected when they need each other most, this is not the case with Genesis Shelter.Genesis Shelter takes a different approach. Genesis considers the total well-being of the newborn and offers a wide range of programs and services to babies less than six months of age and their families, all within the centrally-located 30,000 sq.ft. facility in downtown Atlanta. Genesis prepares the baby’s parent/s with job training, financial counseling, child care services, nutrition education, and after care counseling for families who successfully leave the program. Each year Genesis celebrates motherhood and sheds light on the issue of homeless families with its’ From One Mom to Another fundraising campaign. This year, Matlock Advertising & Public Relations will lend its services to the shelter’s rebranding of the From One Mom to Another Mother’s Day cards and other supporting materials for the agency. The cards can be purchased along with a donation in honor of a special mother in someone’s life, and then given to her in lieu of a Mother’s Day gift. “I couldn’t imagine a better way to give back to the community than to help an organization that is focused on changing the life of a child from the earliest stages of life,” said Kent Matlock, CEO of Matlock Advertising & Public Relations. “If we can help raise the visibility of the Genesis Shelter, a program that is creating positive change and creating real solutions for homeless families in Atlanta, then I am excited to support them in any way that we can.” For more information on Genesis Shelter or how you can support From One Mom to Another, please visit