In Lieu of a Gift…Billye Aaron uses 75th Birthday to make Students Dreams Come True

Billye Aaron, wife of MLB legend Hank Aaron, usually celebrates her birthday by hosting a soiree with the crème de la crème of corporate leaders, celebrities, athletes, and socialites. Every year dignitaries come from all around the country, and the world, to celebrate Mrs. Aaron’s birthday with her. But, this year Billye surprised everyone when she sent out the attached card: Billye Aaron 75th Birthday Invite

While her friends were set to honor Billye, in true Aaron style she threw them a curveball.  She enlisted the help of Matlock to design a card that encouraged her friends

to cancel any plans they might be making to come celebrate her, but rather they should pull out their checkbooks and donate to the UNCF.

For those friends that donated, their names were listed in the program for the annual Atlanta Mayor’s Masked Ball, the UNCF's signature fundraising event in Atlanta. More than 50 friends stepped up to the plate and responded to Mrs. Aaron’s challenge. Her goals were ambitious; she wanted to raise $250,000 to help students go to college. So far Mrs. Aaron has exceeded that goal and has since raised $300,000, and she is not stopping there. Mrs. Aaron now wants to raise $500,000 by the end

of 2012. If anyone is capable of achieving such an ambitious goal its will be the very spunky, determined, and unstoppable Mrs. Billye Aaron.

For more information on how you can donate to the Billye Suber Aaron UNCF Scholarship, please contact Marilyn Skrine at