Welcome back to Matlock, Greg Heydel!

Matlock is so excited to have one of our own back in the mix!!! Greg Heydel has returned to lead our Reputation and PR team after being gone for seven years. Greg was with us a total of eight years before leaving to do some different things.  We are pleased as punch to have him back with us and are so excited to see how he will continue to grow our Reputation practice.

He’s only been here a short time but already has some valued perspectives we’d like to share:

PerspectivesVP and Group Director - Reputation, Matlock Advertising and Public Relations on My Return

By Greg Heydel, VP & Group Director-Reputation


It is great to return to Matlock Advertising & Public Relations after being away for seven  years.  During my time away, I learned how to be an entrepreneur by starting my own company, a marketing communications consultancy, and being in local ministry with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  I have a greater respect for Kent Matlock, and his ability to launch and sustain a company for 26 years.  Wow!  My business involved just me and running it for just a short period of time gave me a different perspective.

People have asked me how different things are at Matlock after being away seven years.  My answer is that some things have changed, but some things have remained the same.  The space is different being in a renovated building with a more “hip” (I’m old enough to use that term!) ambience.  Before, the agency’s space could have been mistaken for an accounting firm!  Also, I think being downtown in the midst of Georgia State and the students is dynamic.  Some of the things that have not changed – much – is a number of the same people are still here, although we all have put on a few years.  The standards are still high – definitely a good thing.  Many of the tools and processes which I helped develop “back when” are still being used, in better and improved forms.  And we still have some great clients to work with.

I’m glad to be back!