What Black History Month Means to Me

Welcome to our series “What Black History Means To Me”, a series of insights provided by Matlock team members during the month of February/Black History Month. We encourage readers to provide your own insights on what Black History Month Means to You as well. Please do so by commenting or messaging us on Facebook and/or our Blog, or on Twitter at #BlackHistoryMonth.Wilton and his granddaughter. What Black History Month Means To Me, Wilton Wallace, Senior Associate, Matlock NY Office

Black History Month (BHM) is a period of reflection, celebration, and learning. I reflect on how far we have come against all odds. It reinforces my understanding of the strength that has brought us thus far. Our challenges remain significant but that strength allows us to continue the struggle toward a better tomorrow. Yes, we can!

I celebrate the contributions that African Americans and others have made to this country and the world. BHM helps me appreciate the melting pot that makes this country stronger through the diverse quilt we have become since most have learned slavery should never have existed. How much farther along would we be if the talent and humanity of African Americans had been unleashed earlier?

In my early life, it was Black History Week. Now, observances continue for at least a month. For me, the month is just a kick off because there are sound reasons to inspire others throughout the year.  Even after more than 60 observances, I learn something new each year and endeavor to share that knowledge.

This year, my new granddaughter may be too young to take in much but I pray that in future months and years I can be active in sharing facts related to her proud heritage. Hopefully, that sharing will aid her in developing the self-confidence necessary for her to contribute something good to society.