Building a Brand’s Reputation: Lessons from the Three Little Pigs

Today we would like to share some insight on building a brand’s reputation.  Written by our very own VP & Group Director of Reputation, Mr. Greg Heydel, this post delves into how having a trusty reputation takes time and work. Without further ado, we give you “Building a Brand’s Reputation:  Lessons from the Three Little Pigs.”


Trustworthy reputations generate transactions and market success.  A trustworthy reputation is one that will stand during the inevitable storm (such as a public relations crisis) when the strength and resilience of the brand’s reputation will be tested. How do you build a strong reputation? 

A brick at a time.

I am reminded of the Three Little Pigs children’s story.  You’ll recall that one pig built his house with straw and when the big bad wolf came he was able to blow it down.  The second pig built his house with wood (sticks) with the same result.  The third pig used bricks, which required a time-consuming, one-at-a-time, assembly, and the wolf was not able to blow the house down.

The moral for our children is given by the pigs’ mother.  She said: "You see it is just as I told you. The way to get along in the world is to do things as well as you can."

Our lesson here is that a reputation should not be built by short-cut.  The first pig used straw because “it was the easiest thing to do.”  And using sticks took less time than bricks.  So, to build a reputation to withstand storms and attacks, take the time and invest in the materials to build it solidly.

There is one more “learning” from this fable which I almost forgot to mention and that should be mentioned.  After the wolf could not blow down the third pig’s brick house, he tried to get at him by going down the chimney, only to meet his demise by falling into the cooking pot on the fire.  So, not only did the last pig survive the attack, he was the victor over his adversary.  That’s something more to think about for the winners and losers in the marketplace.

Subjects for future blogs will include the “materials” and methods to build “a brick at a time” reputation.  In the meantime, to learn more about Matlock’s Reputation practice go to: