The Future of Social Media

We in the advertising and marketing industry often focus our social media efforts on present day consumers, those who have money to spend now or in the very near future. While this is a very logical approach, it is important that we think of social media consumption in the future. How far in the future is up for debate, but with the recent news that 38% of children under the age of 2 have used a tablet or mobile phone for media consumption, it’s important to at least have the conversation of how to approach future consumers.

Sure they don’t have major buying power now, but the way children view social media will very much shape the way we as advertisers do business. Take for instance Facebook, once thought to be the social media hot spot for teens and young adults; it has now been infiltrated by Mom and Grandma. After months of speculation, Facebook’s CFO David Ebersman admitted that the site has seen a decrease in daily usage among young teens. The decrease is likely the result of the infiltration from those of the “more mature sect”.

With a new social media platform seemingly popping up overnight, we decided to conducted a very informal “research study” to see how a child views social media. Below are the responses from our 10 year old male respondent.


As you can see, children have an equally important relationship with social media. It’s important to not automatically dismiss them as potential users for fear that they may be too young.

Our respondent also listed some his favorite mobile Apps. They included Text Plus, Mine Craft, ESPN College Football, Netflix, Draw Free, Dumb Ways to Die, Clash of Clans, ROBLOX, and Magic Piano.

What do you predict will be the future of social media?