How-to Guide to Finding Your First Job After College

by: Jennifer Bowers Finding a job after college is more difficult than most students realize. The job market is better than it was a couple a years ago, but finding a job in any field, especially in advertising, public relations and marketing is hard. I’m extremely fortunate to have found a job at a great Atlanta-based agency and work in an environment that’s creative and fun. Now that I’m one-year out of college, I wanted to share a few tips on how I landed my first advertising job.

Search, Search & Search

You must be creative and think outside the box when searching for jobs in advertising, public relations or marketing. My most successful leads came from searching on companies’ websites and asking my parent’s friends. You have to take the initiative and search for your dream job, because nothing in this world will be handed to you.

Don’t Pass Up An Opportunity

You must keep an open mind and jump at any opportunity that comes your way. Right after graduation, I accepted a summer internship and continued searching for new jobs. The summer internship presented several opportunities for me to add more content such as press releases, newsletters and social media content to my portfolio. Remember every opportunity is chance for you to sharpen your skills and connect with new people in our field.

Don’t be Afraid of the Word “No”

Searching for a job in our field is challenging and you have to keep a positive attitude throughout. Be prepared to hear the word “no” and not receive the first job offer. This process takes time and you need to be ready to put in the long hours, if you want to receive a job that’s worth taking in the end.

Hopefully, my experiences and tips can help you navigate through your job search journey. The road to a career in advertising, public relations and marketing is bumpy and hard, but if you keep going and dedicate yourself you will find an amazing organization to join. It probably won’t be as good as my agency, but we all can’t have amazing jobs.

Good Luck!