Instagram for Business Launched New Business Tools

Matlock-Advertising-Instagram-for-Business In case you missed it, Instagram recently launched Instagram Business Tools. These new features will allow businesses and marketers to not only populate insights, but turn simple posts into full-fledged ads. Business Tools will also allow followers to directly contact and engage businesses from a business page.

With so many companies and small businesses using Instagram, there was a need for Instagram to bridge the gap between businesses and consumers on both sides. Business Tools allows companies to create business profiles—a free feature that allows customers to connect with them via call, text or email with a tap of the contact button as well as get directions. Business profiles also unlock access to insights and the ability to promote.

Another great feature Instagram Business Tools offers is insights. Insights offers businesses qualitative information about their followers and their highest performing content— viewable from any mobile device or tablet. Additionally, this feature allows businesses to learn more about their follower’s behaviors and demographics, allowing them to publish authentic, relevant content.

Lastly, the promote feature allows you to turn a well-performing post into an ad right in the palm of your hand. This allows businesses to connect and reach more customers. By clicking a post you’ve already shared on Instagram you can add a button that will serve as a call to action. Simply select your target audience or allow Instagram to suggest an audience for you. After that, your post will be promoted as an ad for any length of time you choose.

For more information about Instagram for Business, simply click the link: