Three Tips on Getting Your Creative Groove Back

Stuck in a creative rut this afternoon? Read what we like to do when we're feeling a bit creatively blocked:

“I’m a stickler for writing in a journal, a place where you don’t have to be judged and you can just get your ideas out and think things through. I look for patterns I’m repeating to figure out which habits are helping and which are hurting. I find that breaking routine is a prime source for awakening creativity. Trying something new refreshes my outlook and opens up possibilities.” Jobi Tyson, Account Planner


“Drive an unusual route to my destination. Go out to eat or drink at a place I’ve never been. Have a conversation with someone I don’t usually talk to. I typically find inspiration by exploring roads I don’t frequently travel.” Dacia Little, Assistant Account Executive


“When I am feeling creatively blocked I like to google things or visit social media for inspiration. I see things and my ideas start flowing. Most of the time when I am looking for inspiration it is because I want to express myself on certain issues, like write a blog. I’ll read other articles and gather as much information as possible, then everything just comes to me.” Tamarah Lawrence, Receptionist


Dacia Little