Saying Goodbye to Our Summer Interns!

Please join us in saying thank you to our summer interns, Lauryn and John, as they leave to prepare for the upcoming school year! Before their departure, we asked them to share some insights into life as a Matlocker and advice for future agency interns:


Lauryn Greer, student at New York University:

"As my time as a Reputation Group Intern at Matlock comes to an end, I’ve decided to take some time to reflect on my experience here. Matlock Advertising & Public Relations is a small, yet spirited shop. It was really refreshing to be in such a positive and collaborative work environment. During my time here, I’ve expanded my advertising/PR vocabulary, learned how to use software specific to this field, and listened in on several insightful meetings. Of course, I completed more tasks than simply these three, but I won’t take the time to name them all. The point is that I gained valuable experience here. I will be walking away with new knowledge that will help me in my next two years of my undergraduate career, my next internship, and beyond.

My major is Media, Culture, and Communication. Since the beginning of my college career, I’ve felt as though advertising and public relations were the fields for me. Being able to work with the different departments at Matlock afforded me a very cohesive understanding of the field. This was my first internship in these fields and I am thankful to have received productive experience that supports what I’ve been learning in my classes over the past two years.

 For potential interns reading this, whether you are at Matlock or a different company, it is important to always ask questions. People say this all the time, but it really is what makes the difference between a good and great internship experience. Whenever I didn’t understand something I asked a question, and someone was always more than willing to answer it. That’s the only way to learn. Thank you, Matlock!"

John Warner, Youth Entrepreneur East Region student:

"Working here at Matlock has been an amazing experience. I’ve been honored the grand opportunity to be able to work in an office environment such as this one, and this journey has been beyond insightful and fun! Matlock has a family-style environment that I believe everyone from all walks of life would appreciate and love. The culture here is very creative and results-driven. Everyone focuses on getting the work done as a team and that’s what makes Matlock the best place I’ve ever worked—everyone works together.

I’m not a guy who has had much real-world experience or even been exposed to much of it, but in this environment, taking those steps feels like a walk in the park. The assignments aren’t simple, but when you work with your team you’re not only going to get them accomplished, but you learn at every avenue in the process. I cannot express my gratitude any more than this.

My piece of advice for any upcoming interns and anyone reading this is to stay focused, driven and be humble of your achievements." 

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Best of luck on your future endeavors! - Matlock