Seven Major Brands Taking Advantage of the Solar Eclipse

For this rare total solar eclipse, marketers are using today as an opportunity to promote products and create brand awareness through launching special discounts and foods.

Krispy Kreme will debut the first-ever #chocolateglazedonut to celebrate the eclipse.


Dunkin Donuts created an app for people to see the solar eclipse by holding up a “Moonchkins” instead of its usual Munchkins.


Denny’s will offer “Mooncakes,” all you can eat for $4.


Moon Pie snack cakes are going to be 15 percent off and will have eclipse glasses in the box.

Moon pie.jpg

McDonald’s is giving away protective solar eclipse glasses. You can find them at select locations here!

Nike will offer a promotion on all black shoes and apparel. will have 15 percent off on all eclipse-themed merchandise.

What's your brand doing in the name of this special day?



Dacia Little