5 Tips for Surviving the First Days of Fall

Summer is officially over, and it is the first day of fall. Don’t fall victim to the end-of-summer slump! Get excited for work with these festive fall ideas: 

1.       Flavors of Fall. Coffee and tea tend to be morning staples when working, so to celebrate the Autumn Equinox try these flavors - pumpkin spice, apple, cinnamon, chai, caramel, ginger or maple. Also, spruce up your space with some fall scented potpourri or air freshener.


2.       Decorate Your Work Space. Decorate with a fall theme of warm, relaxing colors. Themes of leaves, trees, and plants can also be added to your décor. Fill a decorated candy bowl with cinnamon and caramel flavored treats to spread your fall cheer with your co-workers.


3.       Music. If music relaxes you, find some tunes to listen to while working. Give “The Autumn Leaves” by Nat King Cole a listen.


4.       Stay Healthy. Seasonal change can impact your health. Stress from work during cold and flu season can increase your chances of getting sick. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer handy, wash your hands frequently, and take your multi-vitamins.


5.      Maintain Work-Life Balance. The days will feel shorter. Making to-do lists at the beginning of your work day and crossing things off is a good way to manage your time. Also, make a list when getting ready to leave work with everything you hope to accomplish when you get home. Keep your lists separate to maintain work/life balance.  

Welcome to the first day of fall!

Dacia Little