Tips on How to Write the Perfect Headline for Your News Release


So, you’ve written a stellar, attention-grabbing news release-all that’s left to do is come up with a catchy headline, right? Yeah, easier said than done. Often times, we struggle with crafting the quintessential headline to transform our news release from good to great! We polled our team and came up with some helpful tips that have helped Matlockers along the way:

1.       Put some thought into it: Who’s going to care? Duh, your target audience does. Think about who is going to read your headline and craft it to make them want to read more.

2.       Punctuation is power: Knowing your punctuation rules can add great transition into your headline when you only have a small amount of characters to work with.

3.       Don’t start with the headline: Just because people read the headline first, doesn’t mean you have to begin there in the writing process. After you’ve drafted the body of your news release, read it top-to-bottom AND bottom-to-top—checking for grammar, punctuation, flow, etc. Here’s when you should start thinking about how your headline needs to encapsulate your story.

4.       Use ingenious headlines: I like to find ways to insert clever little phrases (i.e. oxymoron’s) into my headlines.

5.       Always state the facts: Using supportive data, percentages, or statistics are another awesome way to write a compelling headline.

6.       Last but not least: Always write in active voice.

Dennis-Anthony Dent