Behind the Scenes of Agency Life: Tamarah Keeps it Coordinated

In honor of her one-year #workaversary here is a behind the scenes look into the agency life of our Account Coordinator, Tamarah. We asked her a few questions and here is what she had to say:



1. What is your favorite part of your role?

The variety of work in any given day. I can go from social media to media relations to research to client meetings. It’s all ever-changing.

2. What advice would you give an aspiring Account Coordinator?

Be thorough and triple check your work. Also, learn to prioritize. You’ll be working on multiple projects at a time with different deadlines you’ll have to meet.

3. What is something you enjoy about working at Matlock?

I enjoy working in a tight-knit company culture where everyone knows everyone. Being in meetings with the execute level employees is rare someone in my position.

Dacia LittleComment